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Making Processes Easy

Data impacts all aspects of the organization: accounting and finance, sales and marketing, logistics and operations, etc. Learn how PCG employs their expertise in data to deliver value across processes and how to leverage data in your own space.

Data Processing
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Collating Data

Finance Automation & Optimization

Accounting and finance functions are under pressure to deliver strategic value and more meaningful analyses. Combining an expertise in accounting, finance, and data analytics, Principal Consulting Group (“PCG”) understands the benefits and limitations of primarily using spreadsheets and standard systems to perform financial operations. Our team leverages expertise and advanced tools to approach complex accounting and finance challenges with the understanding necessary to provide and guide you through a comprehensive, end-to-end, auditable solution.

  • Automate and streamline monthly, quarterly, and annual close processes and significant accounting estimates

  • Revenue recognition

  • Capitalized software analysis

  • Deferred revenue calculation

  • Standalone Selling Price (SSP) analysis

  • Custom report automation

  • Collect, validate, and reconcile data used for general accounting purposes

Finacial Operations

Strategic Finance and FP&A

Wish there was an easy way to update financial models, spreadsheets, and dashboards on a timely basis? Our team works with management and standard systems to understand the underlying processes to build scalable, automated, data driven models and dashboards to provide timely business insights.

  • 13-week cash flow forecasting

  • Debt and compliance reporting

  • Customer retention analysis

  • Customer and product analyses

  • Three statement model forecasting

  • NWC optimization

  • Variance analysis

  • Revenue/Sales/ARR forecasting

  • Assist in gathering and cleaning data for analysis and to build reports

Analysing data
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Business Intelligence Visualization

The cliché, a picture can be worth a thousand words, holds true in business as well. Our team builds dashboards and graphs with any of your business intelligence tools to provide real-time, drill-down insights when you need them.

  • Topline trends (revenue, bookings, billings, ARR)

  • Customer / ARR retention

  • Customer cohorts

  • Whitespace analysis

  • Product adoption

  • Price-volume analysis

  • Cost variance analysis

  • Working capital & seasonality trends

  • Other custom, industry specific

Private Equity

Get quick and actionable insights into what is driving your investments forward. Our team assists with portfolio company reporting and analytics as well as streamlining and improving fund reporting.


  • Due diligence analytics

  • Portfolio analytics and benchmarking

  • Revenue & customer analytics, including:

  • Customer retention

  • ARR calculation & analysis

  • Pricing insights

  • Customer Cohorts

  • Product adoption

  • Price-volume analysis

Data on a Touch Pad
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