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AJ's tenure at PCG
2 years

AJ Wright

Sr. Manager
Data Analytics

Aj Wright_edited.jpg

Meet AJ

AJ is a senior manager with over seven years of experience serving technology and private equity companies. He enjoys helping business leaders make better decisions with a strategy-minded and data driven approach. Before joining PCG, he worked at Deloitte serving one of the world’s largest private equity companies in various functions including M&A services, data analytics, reporting automation, and modeling support.


  • Brigham Young University - Masters

  • Brigham Young University - Bachelors


  • CPA

  • CMA

AJ is currently based out of the greater Salt Lake City, Utah location
Fun Fact:

Once hacked McDonald's to get a free happy meal for his 4th birthday

Favorite Quote:

"Accounting is the language of business"

- Warren Buffet

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