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Technical Accounting

Significant accounting standards and changes passed by the FASB continue to create challenges for many organizations. Our technical accounting professionals will leverage our decades of experience to guide you and your organization through complex accounting issues, and we will ensure you stay informed and in compliance. 

Example Include:
  • Adoption of new accounting standards

  • Revenue recognition

  • Complex equity transactions

  • Business combinations

  • Fair value accounting

  • Lease accounting

  • Preparation of forms 10-k, 10-Q, etc.

  • Private company financial statement preparation

  • Audit preparation and management of external audit

  • Drafting technical accounting memos

Analysing Data
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Financial Operations

Our team has experience in both financial and operational process improvement. We have worked with a variety of companies to develop and improve internal financial operations and reporting, implement systems, develop internal controls and remediate deficiencies.

Example Include:
  • Develop monthly reporting packages and KPI's

  • Financial close process review

  • Evaluation of system needs

  • Project management of systems implementation

  • Internal control design and testing

  • Remediation of material weaknesses and significant deficiencies

  • Risk assessment

  • Key control determination

Finacial Operations

Transaction Advisory

IPO Services

Thinking about going public? We will make sure you are prepared.

Our transaction advisory services team will work with you to create a comprehensive IPO readiness plan, which will involve identifying key areas of focus by assessing your organization's operational strengths and weaknesses and considering the requirements of your investors, your external auditors, and the SEC.

Our team has advised on numerous IPOs including drafting form S-1, preparation of quarterly financial statements & disclosures, development of IPO project plan, IPO project management, SEC comment letter responses, tie-out of S-1 document and drafting technical accounting memos. Extensive experience in project management and ability to meet tight deadlines. Companies can benefit from an objective third party that can focus on management of the process, internal consistency throughout the document and prior experience of the process. This allows management to focus on the road show, investment bankers, analysts and fund managers.

Example Include:
  • Drafting form S-1 (MD&A, F-pages, KPIs & other financial sections)

  • Preparation of quarterly financial statements and disclosures

  • Development of an IPO project plan

  • SEC comment letter responses

  • Internal control design and testing

  • Tie-out of S-1 document for audit support

  • Drafting technical accounting memos

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M&A Services

Our team has experience on M&A engagements with focus on buy-side and sell-side due diligence and post-sale assistance. Proper diligence and post-sale assistance can help mitigate the risks and assess the financials and operations of a target.

Example Include:
  • Adjusted net working capital analysis

  • Quality of earnings analysis

  • Net debt analysis

  • Review of sale and purchase agreements

  • Preparation or review of carve-out financial statements

  • Preparation or review of due diligence support

  • Preparation of opening balance sheet

  • Pro-forma financial statements

  • Accounting policy alignment and integration

  • Purchase price accounting

Staffing and Recruiting

Whether you’re looking to permanently expand your team or you just need some help filling in the gaps, we've got you covered. We provide direct hire and interim staffing searches for all levels of your accounting and finance department. 

Flexible Consultants
  • Access to highly skilled professionals to help manage dynamic workloads, new projects or employee absences.

  • Staff augmentation (fractional CFO to staff)

Direct Hire
  • We offer search services concentrated on skilled professionals in accounting, finance and HR across all industries.

  • Leverage our network of qualified professionals of all levels and rest assured that we will help you find the right fit.

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Data Analytics

Data impacts all aspects of the organization: accounting and finance, sales and marketing, logistics and operations, etc. Learn how PCG employs their expertise in data to deliver value across processes and how to leverage data in your own space.

Example Include:
  • Automate and streamline monthly, quarterly, and annual close processes and significant accounting estimates

  • Revenue recognition

  • Capitalized software analysis

  • 13-week cash flow forecasting

  • Debt and compliance reporting

  • Customer retention analysis

  • Due diligence analytics

  • Portfolio analytics and benchmarking

  • Revenue & customer analytics

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