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Jeremy's tenure at PCG
4 years

Jeremy Baum

Sr. Manager
Technical Accounting


Meet Jeremy

Jem has a wide range of experience in accounting services of companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. Jem began his career in 2016 as an auditor at Deloitte & Touche's San Jose office, before going to industry for two years and eventually joining Principal Consulting Group in 2019. Prior to his career in Accounting, Jem was a computer programmer. Jem leverages his programming skills in his accounting and finance roles by applying logic and systems knowledge to provide automation and process optimization.


  • University of Utah - Masters

  • Utah Valley University - Bachelors


  • CPA

Jeremy is currently based out of the greater Denver, Colorado location
Fun Fact:

Has never had to leave a company, just did it to make new friends

Favorite Quote:

"Accounting is the language of business"

- Warren Buffet

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