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Priya's tenure at PCG
1 year

Priya Sakar

Sr. Manager


Meet Priya

Priya is a recruiter specializing in finding talented finance and accounting professionals for a broad range of organizations. As a F&A Recruiter for Principal Consulting Group, she focus' her time in the ever-expanding San Francisco Bay Area & Silicon Valley market and enjoy networking with top-tier clients and candidates. With several years of executive search hiring experience for various industries, she prides her recruiting style on transparency and ensuring the best interests of her clients align with the best interests of her candidates. Priya offers candid, professional advice on every phase of the hiring process, from the effective marketing of your skills to networking and negotiating employment terms.


  • Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad

  • Delhi University


Priya is currently based out of the greater San Francisco, California location
Fun Fact:

Does charity work finding jobless people work

Favorite Quote:

"Accounting is the language of business"

- Warren Buffet

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